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Gyanam Group of Services

It's not only Computer Services 
Complete IT Solution for Sofware, Hardware and Network

GYANAM GROUP provides a total outsourcing and professional service to enable customers to Profitably run their business and improve their market share. 

  1. You have run Desktop but that is very slow.
  2. How to increase desktop speed?
  3. How to run multiple program in simultaneous ?
  4. How to secure my data to virus ?
  5. How to Secure my date to another user?
  6. How to copy more than 4 Gb data file in Pen Drive?
  7. How to Activate my Windows?
  8. How to sharing data between different windows securly ?
  9. How to mirror data without RAID card in server?
  10. How to Hack any Router thourgh Internet?(Educational)
  11. How to Hack any camera thourgh Internet?(Educational)
  12. How to creak windoes password using bootable ?(Educational)
  13. How to secure and personlize your social account?
  14. How to create secure internal network from internet?
  15. How to secure all passward?

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