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Basic Network

Cabling, Protocol, IP address, Data Sharing, RDP, Permission, Internet Connection



Routing Protocol, WAN, ACL, NAT./PAT, IPv6, IP Services, Switches, VLAN, 


CCNA Security

AAA, L2 Security, FIrewall, VPN, Cryptographic Solution, Encryption, SAN

Know about your Faculty/Trainer 

Mr. Ajit Singh (Director of Gyanam Group)

Mr. Singh not only faculty but also have a 17 years field experience of Network Engineer and System Administrator. They have a lot of knowledge about real network scenario. They not only teach any subject but also trained for real job scenario. Mr. Singh presently work as a Director in Gyanam Group, but also they work in site personally with their team. Mr. Singh very strong motivation speaker he motivate and aware Society and Students. .